This setup guide is applicable for most EdgeRouter specifically EdgeRouter X, EdgeRouter
X SFP, EdgeRouter Lite, EdgeRouter PoE, EdgeRouter and EdgeRouter PRO.

You are advised to start using this guide on a brand new router with factory default
configuration, as your existing setup may conflict with new settings.

1. Plug the Ethernet cable from your computer to port eth0 on the router.
2. Set your PC IP address to static IP address of (By default,
EdgeRouter IP address is
3. Open your browser and go to you will come to a page of
EdgeRouter. Enter the default Username: ubnt, and the default Password: ubnt.
4. By default, the EdgeRouter did not come with the latest firmware installed. Please
download the latest firmware and upload it to your router. The firmware can be
download from Note: Please download
the correct firmware according to your router.
5. Once the firmware has been downloaded, upload the firmware under System tab >
Upgrade System Image. Then the router will be rebooted.
6. Re-login to your router and the router will ask to start with the
Basic Setup wizard.
Click Yes.



7. Under the Setup Wizards, go to Basic Setup. Select port where we want to setup
the PPPoE client (in this case, we are going to select port
eth0). Then, select Internet
connection type using
PPPoE and fill in your Unifi account name and password.
For TM Unifi, the internet connection is on
VLAN 500 and just enable the default

8. Then, tick on Only use one LAN if you plan to use all ports as one switch. Enable
DHCP server and put the IP address to give out and also the netmask.

9. Under
User setup, enter your User and Password for the new router config. Then
click Apply. Once complete, reboot the router.
10. Plug the Ethernet cable from Unifi BTU/modem to port eth0 on the router and
Ethernet cable from your PC to port eth1 on the router. Set your PC IP address to