The analytics module is your primary reporting screen for your venues.

2.1 Benchmark

Benchmark provide a key comparison among all your venues. It will display the average record of total pass by, total visit, total engaged and calculate the conversation rate from total visit to engaged.


The  default date range is the last 7 days to select a different date range, use the date range selector to select the date, the selected will be highlighted.

2.1.1 Benchmark heat map

you can further view the average data to get a pulse of the venue crowd data by clicking the weekly view

The weekly heat map view will use colour-coded display and show the highest users crowd density by red and blue for the lowest.

2.2 Unique visit

Unique visit is your primary report of the user’s behaviour within your venues, it will do comparison between pass by, visit and engaged users.

To view specific venue, use the drop down venue list as well the date range to view the analytics data.

Click on the bar view to view the graph in bar chat format.

Click on the detail view if you wish to view further detail on the data as daily breakdown view.

To export the data click on the copy / csv / excel and pdf menu.

You may view the unique visit analytics for the day by clicking on view on the selected days, the graph will provide statistic by hourly basis.

You can change the graph to bar chart format by click on the bar icon.

Click on the data view to view the data in table format.

From the daily, you can click on the weekly view icon to see the user’s crowd heat map statistic on from the date selected.

2.3 Entry & Exit

The entry & exit analytics report provide churn rate on users entry, exit and bounce rate for the venue. You can select the venue, date range and reporting interval hourly or daily reports.

For the hourly report, the table report bellow the graph will show entry, exit, bounce rate and the percentage of entry vs exit in hourly view.

For daily report, it will show the data group by dates.

2.4 Dwell time

Dwell time analytics provide you analysis of your venue engaged user dwell time; you may select the venue you wish to view interval (daily, weekly or monthly) view and date range using the date range selector.
Click on the detail icon will show the dwell time data of user in table format group by key index such as less than 15 minutes, 15 to 30 minutes, 30 min to 1 hour, 1 hour to 2 hour and more than 8 hours. We opinion the more engaged the users the more likely the user will interact with your venue.

From the table report, you can further zoom into the daily view in a pie chart grouping for ease to view.

Click on the funnel graph to view the funnel of users dwell time in your venue.

2.5 Venue Map

The venue map provide you overlay of crowd density via heat map over your venue floor plan. Depend on the number of sensor deployed you can have a zonal heat map or presence heat map. The presence heat map provide heat map of user density nearby the single sensor while zonal edition uses triangulation between all the sensor and display the density between the sensors., click on the green view icon to view the map.

The map heat map page includes a “playback” function – by pressing the show button, it is possible to see how the client density changes throughout the course of the day. Dates can also be toggled to see client density on a specific day in the past.

Underlying Metrics

The heat maps are calculating using two metrics – (a) the number of devices were detected during the time, and (b) how long those devices dwelled in the area. The colours represent the areas on the map where there is the most “presence.” The intensity is based both on how many devices were detected during the time and on how long those devices dwelled in the area. Areas may be dark red either because there were many devices detected, or because there were a few devices that all stayed in the area for the entire hour.

2.6 Loyalty & Distributions

The loyalty & distributions analytics provide distributions statistic on new user’s vs return users to your venue. You may select the venue and date range for reports. On the main screen, there is three primary tab.

The first tab is new users versus repeat users analysis, which inform you how many new user is detected and how many return users are detected at venue

The second tab is repeat count report, which inform the frequency of the users group by 1, 2, 3 to 5 or more than five visit to the venue.

The third tab will show the return users visit frequency group by 1 ~ 3 days, 3 ~ 1 week, 1 ~ 2 week and more than 3 weeks.

2.7 Cross visit

The cross visit report will provide you trend of your users return to and movement across the entire venue you have. You can select the date range and view the user cross visit report.

Click on detail view-to-view movement of user count at each venue and dates.

You may view the hourly report of user movement count from the table listing.