Logging into KIWIRE

Omaya is a web-based platform, to access omaya platform open your internet browser and go to to login. If this is onsite edition use the ip assign to omaya onsite.

Default Access for Standalone Omaya Platform

Access Default Credential
Company ID superuser
username admin
Password manager7890



Dashboard provide an overview snapshot of crowd analytics of your venue.

Your dashboard is the first thing you will see when you login to the omaya Portal. It gives you an overview of activity and reports on a weekly basis. The dashboard gives you the following information:

Total pass by – Total no of unique users detect walked by your venue

Total return user – Total users detected return to venue

Total visit by – Total users who is detected near the sensor

New User – Total new users to venue

Average dwell time – Average dwell time for all engaged users.

Pass by vs Visit vs Engaged Graph – a graph of the data overlaps of pass by, visit and engaged statistic.

Reset password

To reset password, click on the avatar on the top right, click on reset password to access the change password screen

Input your old password and your desire new password twice into the new password, confirm password box, and click   Submit  to change your password.