Ntop with Mikrotik (Windows version)


    Ntop is a network monitoring tool similar to Unix top, which shows network traffic usage. It can act as a NetFlow collector for flows generated by routers such as Cisco or Mikrotik. NetFlow is an industry standard for flow-based traffic monitoring.

    We will install and configure Ntop to collect flows generated by Mikrotik router. In this tutorial I will install the ntopng software on Windows machine.

    Download and install the ntopng software from http://www.ntop.org/get-started/download/ and install it on your windows machine.

    Now, we need to allow traffic flow from the mikrotik. Open Winbox and open the New Terminal.

    Run the following command.

    /ip traffic-flow <Press enter>

    /ip traffic-flow> set enabled=yes interface=all <Press Enter>

    /ip traffic-flow> target <Press Enter>

    /ip traffic-flow target> add address= disabled=no version=9 <Press Enter>

    Replace the IP address with the Ntopng host IP address and interface you want the traffic flow.

    Your setting should look like this.


    Once you have done this, mikrotik will send traffic flows to your Ntopng host.

    Now, open a web browser and type in http://<>:3000

    Make sure to let your Redis server runs before opening your browser.


    log in using default username and password which is admin/admin


    the dashboard will show you summarization of the traffic flows. You can check further by clicking on host and flow.