Are microwave communication links affected by precipitative weather such as heavy rain or snow?


    Microwave links are affected by Rain Fade particularly for higher frequencies and long distances, in regions with high rainfall.

    Microwave Link Planning takes into account all of these effects to ensure customers have reliable links to meet their Link Availability target (example, 99.9 up to 99.999% or higher).

    CableFree Microwave Transmission links installed in the Middle East, where low rainfall enables use at longer distances with smaller antennas.

    Generally, lower frequencies are less affected by rain – therefore used for longer distance links – and higher frequencies are more affected by rain, hence used for shorter hops in cities.

    Link designers can mitigate rain fade effects to some extent by selecting larger antennas to provide greater “fade margin” against rainfall effects.

    Snow is generally considered a lesser effect than rainfall, and only occurs in certain geographic regions, where it needs to be taken into account.

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