Kiwire 2.0 FAQ

Here are the common frequent asked question regarding Kiwire.

  1. When i connect to kiwire captive portal it prompt an error of “NAS not configured” such as bellowScreen Shot 2017-01-05 at 3.04.01 PM
    Answer : Kiwire captive portal are not accessible directly from browser but must go thru a NAS device, please ensure the nas used is compatible if its not do contact us at to assist in integration of your unknown nas to our system.
  2. When i connected to the network i get an Error : No page configured

    Answer : There is no page configured for the zone or sites, please use page maker via Administration platform Login engines -> Page maker and create a default login pages.
  3. I enabled Social login via integration , but all social login button when click just return back to login pages

    Answer : you need to add whitelist/wallgarden to social network login url at your nas or via kiwire wallgarden to enable the social login function to work, refer to Social Network White list page for the complete list.

  4. Can an end-user register at our location using a foreign mobile phone?

    Answer : Yes, please add the foreign country number prefix in Integration -> SMS -> Prefix.

  5. What happen if  i disabled the zone  or i do not have any zone created?

    Answer : if you have set a default page at page maker , network with zone disabled will load the default page instead.