The Login Engine modules let you manage the captive portal login behaviour for the Kiwire platform.

6.1 T&C Setting

The T&C ( Term & Condition ) module let you set your organisation own term & condition content for user to agree to prior network on boarding. use the online editor to type in your term & conditions.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 3.54.13 PM

6.1.1 Advance

The T&C module come with smart feature that let you set T&C to be always on , if set

  • Always ON : T&C page will be displayed each time user connect to network
  • Off : T&C page will be display once during the 1st time user connect to network , it will not be redisplay the 2nd time the user connect to network onwards.

6.2 Login Journey

Login Journey is a powerful tools which allow you to set the end user experience during the on-boarding to network, you may create many user login journey specific to each zone. example, public wifi you set user to login via social login and sign up, on your own staff network login via active directory or login flow as you required.

6.2.1 Pre Login

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 3.55.54 PM

The Pre Login tab let you manage the overall pre login behaviour for user pior to the login journey. The behaviour setting are

  • Proceed to Login page – User will directly redirect to Login journey pages set
  • Redirect to campaign engine then only login page – user will be redirect to kiwire campaign engine which only after user can proceed to journey pages
  • Redirect to specific url – user will be redirect to external url,
    *Note: external url are required to program user connect back to journey page if user are to be allowed to connect to network.

6.2.2 Post Login

The Post Login tab let you manage the user experience after they have login to the network. The post login can be a welcome page or to specific task

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 3.56.43 PM

Note :

  • some mobile device will skip the post login pages upon detection they are connected to network.
  • user continue to their default destination function may not be supported by some NAS devices.

The behaviour setting are

  • User will continue to their default destination : Kiwire platform will detect the url the user try to connect pior captive portal and let the user continue their session.
  • Redirect to specific URL – user will be redirected to a specific url
  • Redirect to control panel – user will be redirected to kiwire users control panel platform where user can change their password as well as view their own usage logs .
  • Redirect to campaign page – user will be redirect to kiwire campaign engine .

6.2.3 Login Journey

Design the path your customers take to get online. The Login journey editor let you create specific login journey for users based on the zone . A journey can be consist of multiple pages group together with the user flow of the pages. The journey box will auto expand when new pages are required to drag and drop in.

Column Listing

Journey Name – name of the journey
Zone – the zone associated with the journey
Page list – page that is link with the journey
Status – status of the journey.

6.2.4 To create new journey

  1. click on  Create New Journey  button.
  2. Fill in the journey name , zone link to the journey, click on the selection box you are able to select the zone available to the system, you may add multiple zone to 1 journey .
  3. drag and drop the page from the Available page box  into the login journey flow box. the page from available pages are created from page maker module
  4. To save, click  save

Video example

6.3 Sign Up Page

The Sign up page module let you configure the sign up process for users, Public sign up are design for public area signup where user will simply register their own account and login to the network. you may put additional data field that user required to fill in during the sign up process. Guest sign up are signup that required a sponsor or authorised personal to authorised the user to connect to network , this is usually used in corporate meeting room where visitor or guest

6.3.1 Public Sign up

The public sign up tab let you configure the public sign up modules. Public sign up users are usually for public area where users can fill in their information and connect to the network.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 4.09.10 PM

Field Function
Enable Public self sign up Disable or enable the public sign up function
Link with profile The profile which users will be using when they sign up.
Validity The validity or expiration days for the account when user sign up
Apply Zone Restriction Select zone restriction if required, so public sign up user can only login from selected zone , please create zone restriction from policy if you wish to use this feature
Additional Fields Type your created field from data field and user will be prompt to key in the information when they sign up.

Video example

6.3.2 Guest Sign up

The guest sign up tab let you configure the guest sign up modules. guest sign up modules are signup which require an approval process from a sponsor within your organisation.  The process flow for guest sign up will be guest will fill in their information on the signup page and the system will send a click to approve email to the sponsor, sponsor will need to click on the link to approved the guest to proceed to internet, a temporary account will be given to guest which guest can use it to login during the validity of the accounts. This ensure only authorised guest/users are allow to connect to the network.

Apply Zone Restriction by Select zone restriction if required, so public sign up user can only login from selected zone

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 4.10.07 PM

Field Function
Enable Guest sign up Disable or enable the guest sign up function
Allowed Sponsored E-mail
The domain name for your organization , kiwire platform will check the sponsored email fill in by guest with the domain name , if the email domain name match with this value the click to approve email will be initiated.
Link with profile The profile which users will be using when they sign up.
Validity The validity or expiration days for the account when user sign up
Prefix The account prefix username for the user when account is generated. eg vst_ will be vst_[username]
Apply Zone Restriction Select zone restriction if required, so guest sign up user can only login from selected zone,please create zone restriction from policy if you wish to use this feature
Additional Fields Type your created field from data field and user will be prompt to key in the information when they sign up.

Video example

6.3.3 Data fields

The Data fields tab let you create additional field that user require to fill in during the sign up process, Data collected can be view at Reports > Insight > Sign up data

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 4.10.45 PM

6.3.4 Create new Data fields

  1. To create new data field , click on the  Create new data fields  button

Field Function
Field a unique field name . Note : No space allowed
Field Display The display on sign up page for user to key in
Field Required if enabled , its an compulsory input to be filed during sign up.

2. click create to save your newly added data field .
3. now click on sign up page link again from navigation to reload the signup page with new data field added to system, to be ready to add to signup page options.

NOTE : when you add new or delete data field to either public or guest sign up page ,you need to use page maker to edit the page with the signup snippet to refresh with new field attach and save the page to take effect.

6.3.5 Assign Data fields to sign up page

Note : Please ensure the page is reload via navigation menu to ensure the newly created datafield is loaded to sign up page option , newly added data field via data field tab are not yet added to other tab as option.

  1. Select the tab either public sign up or guest sign up.
  2. Click on the “Additional Fields” options  and select the data field you which to be included.
  3. Now save the setting.

6.4 Notification Text

The Notification text module let you customised the system error notification message for the user.

You can disable a detection module by setting the notification text blank.
e.g. Not allowed Mac Address device , just leave the text blank and the module will be disabled or bypass by system.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 4.16.14 PM

6.5 Language Pack

The Language pack module let you edit the default or download additional language pack for the user sign up. you can also use language pack to change or alter text messages.

6.6 Media

The Media module lets you upload , preview or delete media files uploaded to kiwire platform. To upload new media files simply drop the files into the “Drag & Drop files here” box and it will be uploaded. To delete a media file simply click on the trash bin icon to delete

Note : Warning, if you delete a media file without unlink the media files from its a associated module it may have issue on user experience during login.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 4.18.26 PM

6.7 Page Maker

Note : you are required to create an initial login page for your platform to work, or user will be encounter a warning page of no login page being created. Please create an initial login page and set it to be default.

In order for a truly personalise platform for login . We introduce “Page Maker” module. Page maker module is a powerful platform that let you create pages for sign up , informative pages and login pages which are personalised to your unique organisation. Page maker editor let you drag and drop snippet/box of content and let you customise the login page to your own. With each update of kiwire platform new snippet will be introduce which enable future login mechanism and logic to be introduce to your network.

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 4.19.10 PMThe Page maker default will list all existing created page . The column detail are
Page Id – the system generated id for the page generated , page id also contain hyperlink that you can click to preview the page created.
Page Name – the name given to the page created
Created By – who created the page
Created On – when the page was created
Default – if the page is set as default page , default page default page for nas that does not define in any zone or journey
Remark – remark for the page

6.7.1 Page maker preview

Click on the page id from page listing under page maker to load the preview of the page.

6.7.1 Page Maker overview

Page maker consist of few primary pane :
Red Pane – the red pane of right, is primary snippet container , which you can drag and drop into the main canvas in the order you like
Orange pane – the orange page is when you click on a text which load the typography option
Blue pane – the blue pane let you save the page or upload background for the page

6.7.2 Create/edit Page

To create or edit a page

  • click on the  create page  button or if edit click on the edit icon in the action box and the Page Maker editor will load.
  • Open the snippet selection box by clicking on the snippet box loader. as highlighted.
  • From the snippet selection box drag and drop the required snippet box into the main canvas area in the order
  • Most of the snippet box are editable , just click on the snippet .
  • To delete the block just click on the block and option will be available at the side click on the delete icon to delete the block or move icon to move the block placement
  • if you wish to change the background image , click on upload background to change the background images.
  • Click on  Update  to save the page , at the save option you can set the page name , and if its a default page
    *NOTE : only 1 default page are allowed.

6.7.3 Advance Page Maker

Page maker also have support professional web designer coding via html / css code, to edit click on the snippet block and click on the advance icon , a html editor will pop up. After finish changing the html click on save to save the code.


6.7.4 Page Shortcode

Shortcode are code design to be embedded into pages for performing additional function beside displaying typography , media and login box snippet. to use the short code just use edit html code function in page maker and type the link or button action to the shortcode .

The current shortcode available are

Short code Short code Name Snippet Function
{{next}} link to next  Generate link to the next page in as per login journey, if  no page available, it will redirect to default page
{{page=PAGEID}} Go to page Generate the link and when user interact with the button or link it will redirect user to the page id  , replace PAGEID with your desire go to page id . Page id can be found at page maker listing . aaaa
{{tnc_full}} Terms & conditions Generate the whole terms & condition text
{{facebook_login_link}} Facebook login  Generate link for facebook login
{{instagram_login_link}} Instagram Login Generate link for Instagram login
{{vk_login_link}} VK+ login Generate link for VK+login
{{twitter_login_link}} Twitter login Generate link for Twitter login
{{google_login_link}} Google+ login Generate link for google+ login
{{wechat_login_link}} Wechat Login Generate link for wechat login
{{this_page_link}} This page link Generate link to current page
{{signup_field}} Sign Up Generate field for sign up data box.

6.7.5 Snippet Box

Snippet are login logic as well design block that let you create your own personalise and functional login page , or function pages.The bellow are the snippet box and its function usage.

Snippet box Snippet Name Snippet Function
snippet_logo Logo logo placement , Option for Left , centre or right placement.
snippet_banner banner banner placement , Recommended  size 918 x 180 pixel ( height x width ).
Note : banner placement on page maker are not track by campaign engine.
 snippet_slider Slider A simple 4 image slider, please upload the media for slider into Login engine-> Media module beforehand as the slider will ask for slider media image source .
snippet_imagelarge Image
( single )
Single large image placement
snippet_image3 Image
( 3 picture )
Placement of 3 image in a box
snippet_youtube Video
Youtube video placement, click on edit link and put in the YouTube url for the video , use share option at the youtube video page to get the url.
NOTE : please wall garden/white list YouTube url for this to load
snippet_image_text Image + Text Image with text placement.
snippet_image_textR Round / Square image with text Fancy rounded or square image with text placement
snippet_footer Footer Box Various snippet for use commonly on footer.
snippet_header Header box Box for large header text placement
snippet_hr Horizantal line box A Horizontal line placement
snippet_space spacer box Spacer box for space between other snippet box
snippet_text Text box Box for text block
snippet_boxheader Header and  paragraph text various of header and  paragraph text box
snippet_featurebox Feature text box  Box for feature text
snippet__videotext Video and text box A video with text box
snippet_loginsimple Simple Login  A simple login box that prompt for username and password to login.  Simple login support login for voucher user ( using voucher username + password ) and users.
snippet_sociallogin Social Login A Social login box , that let user login using their social login credential. please setup integration > social network .
snippet_social_simple Social Login + Simple login A dual screen login box which  that let user login using either their social login credential or using simple login.
snippet_public Public Sign up The Public sign up page , for public user to self sign up and login, additional field of information can be obtain by creating data field in login engine -> sign up.
Guest sponsored Login Guest sponsored login , for guest that required sponsored approval to login to network , additional field of information can be obtain by creating data field in login engine -> sign up.
Radius Login Radius Login, login box that authenticate user via remote radius server define in Integrations->Radius modules.
snippet_sms SMS Sign Up SMS Sign up  , user will register their account with their preferred username & password . An OTP code will be send to their mobile devices , user will require to key in their OTP code from sms message to complete the sign up process. This will validate the the phone no and accounts.
snippet_voucher Email Signup  Email Signup , user will required to fill in their valid email address, when user complete the signup process, they are granted 5 min temporary internet access, which they are required to login to their email account and click on a validation link via email from Kiwire platform to complete their registrations.
snippet_voucher Voucher Login Voucher login box , this login box will not require user to key in the voucher password , just the voucher id will be suffice. For security please configure Prepaid to use random as prefix
snippet_tnc Term & Condition Box for Terms & condition box placement
snippet_coupon Coupon page box for display all the available coupon.
Survey page box that load a survey page from survey created.

6.7.6 Banner Size Standard

These are banner size as per IAB standard , which is the recommended size in pixel.

Video example

Using Page maker

Create a simple login page

Create public signup and login

Create voucher Login

Creating email verification sign up page