The Configuration modules let you manage all Kiwire  General configuration and its sub modules setting.

3.1 Setting

The Setting module provide the primary overall setting of the Kiwire platform.This allow set the behaviour of overall Kiwire functionality. This include default currency , password setting , voucher default behaviour, license and other general setting.
To access go to Configuration > Settings . The setting option are navigate by tab to access their respective setting.

3.1.1 General Setting

Field Function
Password Security  The password security level :

  • Low : allow user to use any form of password without check password secure level
  • High : Enforce user to secure password composition which is  made up of a minimum of 8 alphanumeric, containing at least 1 alphabet and 1 numeric character.

NOTE : password security will also affect SMS OTP code generated, if set to HIGH the sms otp code generated will be alpha numeric , if set to low it will be only numeric code.

Password Display Format Text : if set to text, administrator will be able to view the user’s password in the user account view page.
Encrypted : set to encrypted if you do not wish administrator to be able view the user’s password in the page
Default Currency Default Currency used for the system and display
Volume Reporting Metric Reporting metric for user bandwidth & volume usage either in Mb or GB format. To make it human readable.
Note : Applicable to Report->Login only , bandwidth report are default in GB format due to high volume reporting.
Database Archive Day How many day before trigger archive the transaction function
Note : * all user previous network usage will be reset .
Login Page ID: Display text that will be used to represent USER ID,example for hotel installation you may want to use “Room No” as username display or “Student ID” in education environment.
Voucher Page ID: Display text that will be used to represent Voucher ID during login and report display.
Pre Login time waiting time  value in second how long user have to wait before able to skip the pre login / campaign page to login page. This is the value for the continue button for prelogin button
Join Insight Network Insight Network is kiwire network that provide you access to industry key reporting, and other advance analytic reporting . By joining insight network , you will have the ability to access insight reporting that compare your overall performance metric with industry peer and region.

3.1.2 Voucher

Voucher are similar to prepaid account , where voucher are 1 time account that is valid till the voucher expiry due date or exhausted of credit minutes . Voucher  setting provide general configuration for the voucher behaviour.


Prepaid Setting
Default Prefix Default prefix for voucher  to generated,
e.g. : SYN will be SYN123456
Voucher Engine The format the voucher account is generated

  • Number in sequence
    voucher generated will be serial sequence
    Eg: SYN10001,SYN10002….SYN10099.
  • Unique ID
    Voucher generated will be unique but near random,
    Eg : SYN5401AAE , SYN5402FA1 , SYN54032A4
  • Random Engine
    A random string of character , use together with random engine length limit.
    *note* a longer lenght will prevent repeat of random character. 
Random Engine length Limit Default length for Random engine to use when generate prepaid account if Voucher engine selected is random . A short length will have repeat and thus limited max no quantity of prepaid account to be created , e.g. if limited to 4 , max will be 9999 account.
Default Suspension password Default suspended user password, that will be
use if a user is being suspended
Admin’s Copy print Slip Feature for carbon copy of prepaid/voucher printout to have admin 2nd copy when performing printing in A4 format.

3.1.3 SMTP

Kiwire uses email to send email marketing, notification and other feature thus Kiwire will require an mail server connection to send outgoing emails ,  SMTP setting will let you configure yours mail server  configuration.

Note: Please ensure your SMTP allow connection from Kiwire server ip address.


Field function
SMTP Host your smtp/mail server hostname or ip address
SMTP Port SMTP Port for the smtp/mail server
SMTP Authentication Does your SMTP require authentication to send mail , if yes please select SSL or TLS
SMTP Auth Username Username for smtp authentication
SMTP Auth Password Password for smtp authentication
Email from address The email address that email generated will use as sender.


Test SMTP configuration

You can use the Test SMTP function to test if your kiwire is able to connect to your SMTP server , To test the smtp config is working properly save your smtp configuration first then follow by clicking the  “Test SMTP” button. you be required to key in your email address to receive a test mail  in event of smtp connection failure the error will be displayed. Check your email for email from Kiwire to ensure you successfully received the test mail.
Example config for GMAIL:
For gmail smtp the following setting is being used

Use Authentication: Yes : TLS
SMTP Auth username :
SMTP Auth Password :
Email from address :

Note:  For gmail , please set ” Allow less secure apps: ON ” under the gmail account

3.1.4 License

Kiwire platform are govern by license control on its validity and platform usage.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 1.33.37 PM

  1. License Key : show the status of the license key.
  2. Support Expiry : show the support subscription validity.

3.1.5 Multi-Tenant License

The multi-tenant license , screen let you enable or disable multi-tenant/cloud tenant support for your platform. once the license key ins inserted, the system will migrate from standalone to multi-tenant edition.


3.1.4 Timezone

The timezone setting will set the overall timezone configuration for the kiwire platform, select the correct  timezone setting for your company/organisation.

3.2 Organisation profile

Organisation profile let you configure and setup your company or organisation profile for the platform, this is a global setting which is access by Configuration > Profile.

Field Function
Upload Logo Upload logo for the organisation
Note : its recommended the size is 379px x 94px
Current Logo The current uploaded logo if any will be displayed.
Customer Name of the organisation or company
Industry Select the industry type for the organisation
Website The url of your organisation website
Facebook page Facebook page link if any , to your Facebook pages
Phone No Your organisation phone no
Fax No Your organisation fax no
Address Your organisation address

3.2.1 Organisation map

The organisation map will display the location of the organisation is located in using google map . the map will only be available after organisation address is saved into the system.

3.3 High Availability

The High Availability module let you configure the High Availability capability of Kiwire ,The high availability module will provide Fail over capability to the passive Kiwire system, at any point of time only one of the pair will be active. The high availability module will perform automatic synchronisation of data between the cluster nodes. To access High Availability module go to setting > High availability.

Note : Please ensure both unit of Kiwire is licensed and running on same firmware .

Field Function
Enable HA Enable or Disable HA functionality
Role Select the role of this instance of Kiwire , the Primary unit of kiwire will be Master and secondary Kiwire Unit will be the Slave unit. Currently dual master configuration is Not supported.
Master Kiwire Ip The IP address of Master Kiwire instance.
Slave Kiwire IP The IP address of Slave Kiwire instance.
Time Interval for synchronisation Time interval for synchronisation between cluster.
Synchronisation Status Status of data synchronisation

  •  Up to date : System detected all node within cluster are up to date
  • Failed : Data synchronisation  failed


3.4 Performance

The Performance configuration module let you perform performance tuning on Kiwire engine. this is to maximise and take advantage of your hardware that host the Kiwire Software. The recommended value are automatically generated based on your hardware configuration. Click on the respective tab to accept the proposed value of recommendation.

Field Function
Server Ram Detected The amount of ram detected on the system hosting Kiwire
Server Processor core Detect The amount of CPU core detected on the system hosting Kiwire .
Radius Setting Adjust the parameter to suit your environment. if unsure please follow the recommended value or contact Support.
Database  Setting Adjust the parameter to suit your environment. if unsure please follow the recommended value or contact Support.

3.5 Administrator

The administrator module let you add more administrator or operator with its associated access right into the kiwire system. All administrator added does not have the right to access any module or perform any task until a role is given, please use Setting > Role level to create the appropriate role to be assign to the user. if you wish the specific administrator to receive alert notification email , please set them to be able to “receive alert email” role as well. When you access the Administrator module , it will list all existing administrator and its last login . Click on “Add administrator ” to add new administrator.

column component

  • User : username of the administrator
  • Full name : full name of administrator
  • Email : email of the administrator
  • Role : role of access level assign to the administrator
  • Receive alert email :  if administrator will receive email alert generated by system.
  • Action : Edit or Deleted administrator.

3.5.1 Add new Administrator.

To add administrator go to Setting > Administrator >  Add Administrator  .


Field Function
Username username of the new administrator
Password Password assign to the administrator
Fullname Fullname of the new administrator
Email email address of the new administrator, please use valid email if you wish the administrator to received email alert.
Receive Alert Email Option to receive alert email
Role  The role associated with this administrator , for role creation refer to ” 3.6 Role “

3.6 Role

The role module let you create role and access privileges to modules within kiwire system.This let you either create full access administrator or lower privileges  user  as required .

setting_roleColumn component

  • Role name  :  The given name for the role
  • Action : Edit or Deleted role

3.6.1 Add/Edit Role


Field Function
Role Name A given group name to identified the access group
Access box Select the relevant module this group can access, highlight the
module and click <=> to select over
the available module will be displayed on the left tab and
right tab is the module selected for the group , you can click on access list grouping to add all sub module to the access group as per highlighted in red box


How to create role & assign administrator to it.

  • Click  create role  button
  • Enter the role name for the new role
  • use the access search box to search or just select and hightlight all the accessible role from left box to the right box using the <=> icon
  • Click on  Create  to save the new role
  • the role is now ready to assign to a new administrators or users.
  • Go to administrator and add a new administrator with role assign to it.