Note :
only available on Kiwire multi-tenant edition 

The Kiwire Cloud management module let you manage the multi-tenant of your system and operation. With multi-tenant enabled, the Kiwire platform let you partition the system and let tenant have full management to their system , devices , functions and reporting. Each of the tenant have full capability of the kiwire system and have unlimited sub administrator or operator. Diagram bellow illustrate the Kiwire Multi tenant platform.


In kiwire multi tenancy architecture, the Superadmin account or master administrator is the highest level administrator in the hierarchy with full authority, master admin can masquerade a client and manage the tenants account on behalf. Kiwire platform partition each tenant with its within its primary database thus each tenant can have its own username that will not be shared between tenants as well its own kiwire configurations that is unique and tailored to each tenants.

Tips : if you wish to restrict the tenant access to some of function of kiwire platform , you can create the tenant , assign a sub administrator account with a restricted roles.

2.1 Cloud Tenant overview

The cloud tenant screen provide an overview and listing of all the multi-tenants in your system.


Column Function
Cloud id The tenant cloud id, cloud id is an unique id to each tenant.
Tenant name The name of the tenant account.
Admin id The admin id of tenant.
Expiry date The expiry date of tenant account , if no key provided
Action Edit or delete the account


2.2 Add new cloud tenant.

To add new cloud tenant to kiwire system

  1. Go to  Cloud Tenant click on  Add New Tenant  , and fill up the required fields.

Field Function
Cloud ID Cloud id is the identifier or domain of the tenant.
Note :

  • Cloud id must be unique to each user.
  • Its possible to change cloud id , but the operation for such task will take a few minutes as system is renaming the cloud id to new given Cloud id
Tenant Name The tenant name.
Admin ID The admin id of the tenant
Admin Password Password of the admin id
Admin email address The email address of the administrator.
License Key The license key for the cloud tenant (MSP edition only).


2.3 Masquerade Cloud ID. 

  • Note : Function only available to superuser admin login

Kiwire Super admin of the system have the capability to assume or masquerade the administrator role of the selected cloud id. To masquerade the administrator of the selected Cloud Id , From nav bar , Change Cloud icon > change cloud plane , select the cloud id you wish to masquerade from the drop down. from then on all the configuration and setting loaded is for the selected Cloud tenant. This is usefull if you wish to assist in reconfigure or access the tenant function or reports.

upon selection you be masquerade as the administrator of the said cloud id, you have full access and access all module as the selected tenant administrator. Proceed to click on the modules that you wish to access as the users.