Logging into KIWIRE

To access KIWIRE, open your internet browser and type “http://kiwireip/admin/” for example if your Kiwire installation ip is your URL will be “http://192.168.01./admin” in the address field. Input the default username and password details provided below and click the “Sign In” button to enter KIWIRE.


For Standalone edition Kiwire, you are required to fill in your username and password to access the platform

For Cloud or multi-tenant edition, you are required to fill in your cloud id additionally.


Default Access for Standalone Kiwire Platform

Access Default Credential
Username admin
Password manager7890


Default Access for Multi Tenant Kiwire Platform

Access Default Credential
Cloud ID superuser
Username admin
Password manager7890


  • If you login for the 1st time, you will be presented with a Change password screen to ask you to change your credential. Please change your Default access to your secure password prevent abuse and for security reason.
  • The system will auto logout users if there is no activity detected on the platform if more than 20 minutes

Video example :


1.1 Dashboard

The Dashboard offers a number of self-contained indicators and tables that summarize the network and its status.

The following widget are provided

  • Connected User: Show the current no of users connected to network.
  • Total Users : Total user registered within the system
  • New voucher created  : No of new voucher created in the last 30 days
  • New User Added  : No of new users account added in the last 30 days
  • Login & Connected User frequency Graph :  will show no of user that login vs connected concurrent user in the last 24 hour , this is helpful to determine if there is any issue with network topology if there is abnormal activity.
  • Server Load  : The current system load of Kiwire system
  • Used Ram : The ram utilisation of Kiwire system
  • Free Disk : The free disk  space within Kiwire system
  • Total Impression and Unique impression of user who view the captive portal / Hotspot pages
  • No of devices online and no of device that is faulted detected by Kiwire System
  • Recent monitoring event , the last update of any device faulted or come back online
  • Recent Kiwire System activity logs