Device Configuration : Xirrus

Open your web browser and type in http://kiwire-ip/admin to access your Kiwire admin panel.

Go to Device-NAS and click add NAS to add your Mikrotik.

  • Device type is Xirrus
  • NAS ID is your Xirrus NAS Identifier
  • IP address is your Xirrus IP address
  • Shared Secret Key is your Xirrus Primary Server secret
  • COA Port is Xirrus DAS port 3799
  • NAS username and password is your Xirrus username and password
  • Address is your Xirrus location
  • Description is remark of your Xirrus

Next, we go to Device > Zone to assign which zone we want to assign kiwire page. We can assign zone based on NAS ID, VLAN, IP address, or SSID. Create a new zone by clicking Create Zone. Put a name to it, Link To User and Limit Connected User can be empty. Then enable the Status.

After that, edit the zone by clicking Add.

Finally, you have completed the configuration of both Kiwire and Xirrus. Next is you need to design a landing page, create user profile and create user and assign the landing page to the zone desired. You may refer to for setting up landing page, user profile, users, and other details of Kiwire.




Xirrus Setup

Connect to your Xirrus device portal and navigate to the security heading.

On the External RADIUS subheading fill out the fields using the following information.

RADIUS Dynamic Authentication Settings:

  • Timeout (Seconds): 600
  • DAS Port: 3799
  • DAS Event-Timestamp: REQUIRED
  • DAS Time Window: 300
  • NAS Identifier: [Radios MAC Address; without the colon] eg# 506028410B20

RADIUS Attribute Formatting:

  • Called-Station-Id Attribute Format: Ethernet-MAC
  • Station MAC Format: lc-hyphenated
  • Accounting: On

And then save your changes.

Navigate to the SSIDs heading and then to the SSID Management sub heading.

Create a new SSID or use an existing one and tick the WPR setting. This will open the Web Page Redirect Configuration settings.

Configure the fields using the following settings:

  • Server: External Login
  • Redirect URL: http://ip.address/user/index.php
  • Redirect Secret: (Gigabit 1 MAC Address; with hyphenated) eg# 50-60-28-04-3b-3a

Then add the Walled Garden URLs to the whitelist by entering them into the box shown at the bottom left of the screenshot, and clicking create.

WPR Whitelist Configuration

Type Walled Garden List
Synchroweb social gate
Kiwire Kiwire IP address
Facebook Login *
Wechat Login **
Twitter Login *
Instagram *
VK *


Finally, save your changes and reboot your Xirrus.

The reboot is required, as with firmware versions 7.6.2, 8.1.2, 8.1.3, any changes made to the External Radius or SSID options will set the Called Station ID to the wrong format prior to a reboot.

And that should be it. Confirm you can login and view the kiwire pages.